The Prestige 1 Transitional Agility Tutorials section will walk you through the eight main ways to change from forwards to backwards. Many players are surprised to learn that there are more ways than just a typical pivot and perhaps ladder step, but identifying, and learning all eight ways will make sure you are able to apply the correct technique to any given situation in a game. Once you have a firm grasp of each technique and are able to execute them with speed and power, Prestige 2 Drills await you, which will combine the eight movements into combinations to further challenge agility and increase variety. Prestige 3 Blends will then challenge you to combine your transitional agility techniques with other P1 and P2 techniques from stickhandling, shooting, speed with the puck and more, into specific game situation movements in key areas of the ice. P3 Game Blends also help you understand which areas on the ice these skills most commonly occur, as well as how they are commonly paired in pro hockey plays.