The single most common thing we hear from players, parents, coaches and scouts, is the need for improvement in acceleration, also known as explosiveness or first step quickness! There are several factors that contribute to acceleration, and our Prestige 1 Skills Tutorials will address each of these, by first addressing each individual push that is involved in the start, as well as discussing the “footprint” on the ice, and making sure to take advantage of the stretch-shortening cycle as well as not leaking energy through the slipping of the blade. Once you have mastered the Prestige 1 concepts, Prestige 2 will challenge you to combine these elements and further challenge agility, while also adding variety to the environment of the acceleration to be performed. Prestige 3 Game Blends will then challenge you to combine your acceleration techniques with other P1 and P2 techniques from stickhandling, shooting, speed with the puck and more, into specific game situation movements in key areas of the ice. P3 Blends also help you understand which areas on the ice these skills most commonly occur, as well as how they are commonly paired in pro hockey plays.