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Toe Drags

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The “Toe Drag” is very similar to the “Pull,” with the main difference being the path of travel of the puck.  On a “Toe Drag,” the heel of the stick comes off the ice, leaving only the toe down to execute the “pulling” portion of the move. Similar to the “Pull,” it is important to work on a variety of different “widths,” both in the starting location of the “Toe Drag” as well as the finishing position. Additionally, you should work on dragging the puck with speed and using your legs to shift your weight and create speed through the “Toe Drag.” Most “Toe Drags” also have a second pull after the original “drag” portion. While the drag starts to pull the puck towards your body, the second pull moves the puck away from your body to your backhand and around the defender. Be sure to practice this second pull with just as much focus as the drag, as it is what ultimately keeps the puck safe.




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