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The “Shimmy” is a move that is valuable for players to master for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is very deceptive and allows you another option other than the “Weight Shift Fake” to take you in the opposite direction. Thus, it gives you the option to go either way, which makes the direction you are going unpredictable. It is also a move that can be applied outside of the defender’s stick reach, allowing you to try and deke out the defender, without being “risky.” This is because you can change to a cut back, pass, or dump-in if your deke is not successful in beating the defender. When working on the shimmy be sure not glide, but rather, focus on coordinating your legs/weight-shifting with the stickhandles, allowing you to take mini strides to speed you up during the move!


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COMING IN PHASE III, this will be where you will find a cool / unique fact about this skill. For example, Did you know, Patrick Roy used the "Just Kidding" Fake, to deke out Wayne Gretzky? Stay tuned when we launch Phase III!


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