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The “Pull” is one of the most fundamental stickhandling skills needed to be effective in creating time and space and taking care of the puck. When practicing “Pulls,” be sure to work on a variety of different widths, both in the starting location of the “Pull,” as well as in the finishing position. It is equally important to practice pulling the puck with speed and using your legs to shift your weight and create speed through the “Pull.” No pull is exactly alike, so it is necessary to practice using a variety of different directions, speeds, and pulling lengths. In addition to using “Pulls” to gain time and space, they are also important when pulling the puck around defenders and  into better positions to shoot and pass! 



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COMING IN PHASE III, this will be where you will find a cool / unique fact about this skill. For example, Did you know, Patrick Roy used the "Just Kidding" Fake, to deke out Wayne Gretzky? Stay tuned when we launch Phase III!


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