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Pocket Tucks

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The “Pocket Tuck” is a very important skill that is often not understood by beginning players. When you change directions quickly, such as on a “Tight Turn” or “Punch Stop,” a puck that was previously ahead of you ends up quickly behind you. The “Pocket Tuck” allows you to quickly change the direction of the puck, most often just before your body changes direction. Thus, you won’t end up in a situation with the puck behind you, as this would ultimately slow you down. When practicing “Pocket Tucks,” be sure to start slow and focus on the direction of the tuck, as one common mistake is not pulling the puck in the right direction. “Pocket Tucks” are very often 180 degrees back towards your feet, and sometimes even more than 180 degrees. Because your body will be making a sharp direction change, the direction of the tuck is crucial, so that it sends the puck in direction you want to travel. This will ensure that you aren’t forced to slow down while reaching for a puck that’s in the wrong spot.


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COMING IN PHASE III, this will be where you will find a cool / unique fact about this skill. For example, Did you know, Patrick Roy used the "Just Kidding" Fake, to deke out Wayne Gretzky? Stay tuned when we launch Phase III!


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