Our Prestige 1 Skills Tutorials section will take you through our three different classifications of shots, namely, the Load and Shift, the Open Hip, and the Off-Leg. These shots are used by the best players in the world, to beat goalies, and score amazing goals. In Prestige 1, you will learn how each of these three shot types are taken when carrying the puck out of 1) Glide 2) Full Stride 3) Proper Side Crossovers 4) Off Side Crossovers. We will also look at each of these shots when receiving passes on either wing, specifically highlighting each of the 3 different release types of the Catch-and-Shoot, the 2 Touch, and the 1 Touch. Once you have mastered the technique to release all of these, our Prestige 2 Drills will combine these P1 shooting elements with different P1 elements from Agility, Stickhandling, or Speed with the puck techniques, to teach you how to release these shots in their optimal game situations.