The Prestige 1 Skills Tutorials in the Forwards Agility section will walk you through the skating techniques of the punch stop, fake punch stop, mohawks, fake stops, snowplow variations as well as linear and lateral crossovers. There are a lot of challenging techniques here even for the highest level of players! Once you have mastered these individually, including entering and exiting them at a high rate of speed, Prestige 2 Drills will then progress things further, by focusing on combining two or more of them into sequences to make them more realistic. Here you will learn which combinations feel most natural to you and your skating style, strengths and weaknesses etc. Once you are feeling strong with these P2 combinations, Prestige 3 Game Blends will challenge you by combining the elements of the forwards agility section with elements from other sections such as shooting, stickhandling, transitional agility and more. These P3 blends also help you understand which areas on the ice these skills most commonly occur, as well as how they are commonly paired in NHL games.