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Saucer Passes

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When executing the “Saucer Pass,” the puck leaves the ice to go over an opposing player’s stick and lands back flat before arriving at your teammate. The saucer motion of the puck, which allows it to land flat, is created by spinning the puck as it rolls from the heel to the toe of the blade. When initially learning this skill, you should spend some time working on puck rotations without even raising the puck at all. Also, it is easier to practice and learn this skill by passing in the direction your toes are facing. As you progress, you can start to pass sideways or perpendicular to your toes. It is also important to work on “Saucer Passes” for all different distances, as there are many players who can throw their “Saucer Pass” far away but do not have the ability to throw it in a short distance. Often times, if you work on the shorter “Saucer Passes,” then it becomes easier to lengthen out the distance of the sauce.



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COMING IN PHASE III, this will be where you will find a cool / unique fact about this skill. For example, Did you know, Patrick Roy used the "Just Kidding" Fake, to deke out Wayne Gretzky? Stay tuned when we launch Phase III!


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