Our Prestige 1 Skills Tutorials Section will teach you individual stickhandling skills such as “Pulls”, “Toe Drags”, “Weight Shift Fakes” and “Just Kiddings” that are used in every NHL game to make some of the best plays in the world. Once you understand and start to develop each of these skills individually, our Prestige 2 Drills Section is ready to challenge you further, by combining the P1 elements into drills that allow you to further develop and master these skills in varying situations. These are the same drills that we use with our top level players. The only difference being how fast and proficient you can execute them. Once you have mastered these, Prestige 3 Game Blends await you, combining not only different elements from the P1 and P2 of stickhandling, but also P1 and P2 elements from shooting, skating, and much more, into game situational blends and movement patterns that will be sure to challenge and excite even the highest level of player possible.